Request for those attending the Gathering in Palenque:

(Please do include a note requesting to share you contributions)

You're all more than welcome to check out the photo albums now posted on my wall that have a few hundred pictures of the Gathering in Palenque and the celebration on the 21st at the Pyramids in Palenque.
If you are not on my immediate friends list to view them, I can't add more friends as I am way over the Facebook imposed 5,000 friends limit, but you can Subscribe and see all Updates, including the photo albums:https://www.facebook.com/theerainbowhawk
There are now videos being edited for inclusion and they will be included as soon as they are available.

As you all, or at least the vast majority of you, know, I have been doing the primary focalizing and networking needs of the Global Rainbow Gathering of the Tribes: End of the Mayan Calendar – Beginning of the New Ea – Celebration of All Cultures in Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico over the entire month of December, 2012.

An important part of the job is recording the event and sharing it with all the Rainbow folks around the world. A lot of the text communications have of course been done and widely shared, along with a couple of photos and now a new album of them being assembled to share. Videos are also being done, tough as yet have not been edited for sharing.

I would request that each person who has taken photos, has created videos… for sharing share in the creation of a whole album of the Gathering, events at it and whatever aspects of it that would be good to share with the whole of Rainbow worldwide.

All are welcomed to share the Album as it is created so that we may share all the good we do and are, inspiring others around the world to be parts.

It will be posted to all webpages, websites… which have been affiliated with this Gathering and general Rainbow Groups & Community… pages, welcoming them all to share in the Spirit of this Gathering.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. And we really look forward to the videos created so that each who speak in them can share their hearts and feelings about the Gathering and being parts of Rainbow.

We’d also like to include personal statements of folks positive Gathering experiences and feeling so do feel free to send those for inclusion and of course which you will be accredited for sharing. Many have of course already been shared on various pages associated with the Gathering, but we would like to compile a full and complete recording of everything folks can share in positive ways.

Rainbow love, caring, sharing and being energy needs to be shared with the whole world and we hope to do our best at doing that via the evolving history/hipstory of this Gathering of folks from over a hundred countries.

So send those photos, videos and written heartsongs, either as a message to me as a focalizer to:


Or post to our community page at:


Of course make sure to share everything with all of your friends, groups, communities, events groups… as well.

Donations to help facilitate the creation of this are both very welcomed and needed.

Such can be sent to us via our PayPal account associated with: gatheringrainbow@hotmail.com

Include; Donation for Rainbow 2012 documentary
as the purpose for your contributions and we thank all who can donate towards helping to co-create this events documentation.

We hope that it will help in the great awakening of folks around the world and assist in entering into the, astronomically speaking, New Era, which has just begun.

Walk in Peace

Rainbow Hawk: Global Rainbow Focalizer

P.S. Videos from the Gathering in Palenque:


Palenque December 21st, 2012

Compiled listings of videos done at the Gathering

Video Links for the Gathering:

Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico December 2012:



I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/jvojkz9l Desped�da de los amigos en Palenque..




Via Jameson Godlove/One Feather

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Via Lorena


Various others




Mayan & Aztec Dancers at Palenque:


Massive Group Hug at the Pyramids


Levitation at the Gathering (of course a clever simulation)



Same film maker as the above, but purely a visual tour of Palenque


It can safely be assumed that she has lots of footage of the Gathering


Mayan ceremony at Palenque




Russian Rainbows and friends trip to Palenque



Not the Gathering but a good history of Palenque (In Spanish)



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